Can I get a 3D rendering of my proposed space?

Yes. We will produce two photo-realistic renderings of your new space at a fee of $500 per bathroom or kitchen project. These rates are 5x less than what a traditional designer and architect would charge for comparable quality renderings. 

Our renderings are approximate visual representations of your design and are not meant to serve as exact construction blueprints. Product sizes, colors, and textures showcased are not perfectly accurate and often vary slightly from their depictions in your rendering. Please be particularly aware of this when matching colors and/or finishes across different product lines or brands. 

Products that are outside of our catalog cannot be included in the renderings. The renderings will show you aesthetically what your new space will look like, but the positioning of items is not exact. Revisions are available at an additional cost of $100/each. 

Please note that during the kitchen cabinetry design process we will produce 2D layout drawings and lower quality renderings at no additional cost.

For examples of our renderings, please visit our Project Gallery and refer to the Rendering tab: